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A Commitment to Compassion

At Georgetown Family Dentistry, our first priority is making a personal connection with each and every patient. We understand that everyone’s experience is different and are committed to forming a lasting relationship with each patient regardless of their needs, expectations, and dental history.

Knowledge Through Communication

A critical element of our commitment to compassion is empowering our patients with the knowledge to understand the available procedures and to make their decisions accordingly.
Communication is imperative when working with both new and returning patients. Georgetown Family Dentistry is always available for extended consultations, questions, and one-on-one visits to ensure that relationship is built upon a foundation of trust and respect.

The Best Care at the Best Cost

In order to ensure the satisfaction of our community, Georgetown Family Dentistry is committed to providing cutting edge care at an affordable price.
A beautiful, confident smile is something everyone should be able to obtain. We offer the most up-to-date procedures at a reasonable cost.